Saturday, March 26, 2005

more books

asterix - we all have to read comics once in a while. for me, it's asterix. a little history, a little play on words, great characters and drawings.

sexus - if you get past the sex, really the story of what is true in life.

midnight's children - starting this book is like quitting smoking. i've done it 5 times now. its not a casual bedtime read - need to know indian history to really appreciate it.

parkinson: the law - liked it when i first read thinking it was fiction. loved it later when i found it was well researched.

hitchhikers guide .. - learnt that sci-fi is not my cup of tea. that said, if it were, this would be my favorite.

colour of magic - part fantasy, part fable. reality and fiction weaved together for a surreal read. left me wanting more - never did get around to reading anything else from pratchett.

of paradise and power by kagan - an essay stretched to a book. us is strong, europe is weak. who knew.

poetry of robert frost - new england pathos flows abundant.

1984 - so it didn't happen. read it and the fear that it can will never leave you. big brother is watching.

catch-22 - war's crazy, so what better than a crazy war book. ask major major major major.

cather in the rye - great book on growing pains. we all felt that way once. guess now is probably a good time to go back and reread it.

a suitable boy - 1200 pages of utter trash. some amount of history and sociology, but too much melodrama. your typical boy meets girls love story in rosy english.

the god of small things - the bitch should be shot. writes crap, talks crap - sorry to say she is indian.

lolita - now here's a twisted tale of illicit relationships. there's a little of humbert in all of us. scary thought but true.

the grapes of wrath - a migrants quest for survival. slavery, exploitation, economics, drama. it's all there.

of mice and men - another must read. short, touching, disturbing. the way of the world.

wilt - british slapstick. funny the first time around.


Blogger Risitos said...

Love, love, LOVE the book entries. You capture the essence of a book in less than 10 words -- pure genius. Keep 'em coming!

7:36 PM  
Blogger Anonymous Arien said...

i agree completely about suitable boy and god of small things. Thanks... someone finally said it!

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please keep writing and do let me know when you post next, as you obviously know, there are lots of things to read out there.

So please keep up the good work!

Rahi Delvi

9:56 AM  
Blogger chintan said...

hey ..

i was searching about chanakya .. as i was watching chanakya serial so thought i would search about him .. in google search i got ur blog page ..nice coincidence ..

great post about books .. infact i also stay in bombay and when i go to flora fountain or some other place i love to buy loads of books ..

keep it coming yaar .. i am going to read economics in one lesson on ur suggestion ..

thanks ..
chinatan parikh

3:10 AM  
Blogger GMAT Jedi said...

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3:00 PM  
Blogger Matthew Campbell said...

Good list. Thank you! For test preparation, this site is a great resource.

3:23 PM  

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