Thursday, March 24, 2005


piled up my book collection to weed out some stuff - back of my mind i'm thinking wtf am i going to do with all these when i go to school.

i've become a lot more picky about what books i buy now. back in bombay, every weekend we'd be on book street (me and a very close friend both loved to read). used books (and i admit,the occasional knock off) cost less than a buck each - we bought tons. i read so many that i hardly remember much from any one now.

reading all the BW boards, it's funny how different my reading choices are - everybody wants to read cheesy management books and i want, well, you'll see...

surely you're joking mr. feynman - amazing guy. the best kind of crazy. everybody should read once.

the old man and mr. smith - laugh out loud funny. god and the devil come to earth to check out how things are going. witty and insightful inside, funny on the outside.

the great game - afghanistan has been war country for centuries - read up on the history, albeit from a we're brits we're holier than thou perspective.

how to lie with statistics - somebody actually wrote down what you always suspected about those scheming statisticians.

yes minister/yes prime minister - brit humor and political memoir. read it and get over your naivete.

the innocence of father brown - amazing mystery short stories. ok, so many have predictable endings but still more enjoyable than chritie.

an enemy of the people - idealism vs. pragmatism - guess which wins.

the name of the rose - thriller with subplot. somebody translate the damn latin.

may it please your honour - read both sides of gandhi's assassination before judging the assassin.

animal farm - the truest fable ever written.

economics in one lesson - most economic sense anything has ever made. should be compulsory reading for everybody.

rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead - remember r&g from hamlet? now they star in a book entirely unlike the original - and yet based on its events. what,after all, is choice?

the fountainhead - great outlet for angst in years past. be like us or die. no shades of gray here - and no empathy.

the prophet - great for when you're really down, very corny in normal circumstances.

good stuff - cynical view of the writing of a novel. devastatingly funny.

that's the first pile. another pile for another day.

funny how some things make sense from a distance. can't see the mountain when you're on it and all ...

as for the recurring theme of what to do before bschool - i know what i'm going to do - ROAD TRIP!

gonna take a month off and drive coast to coast visiting every friend i have. probably not going to keep in touch as much once school starts. plus i love to drive. flying sucks - unless of course you are in the cockpit. till that happens, the open roads beckon.


Blogger mbafarbe said...

surely you're joking, fountainhead and Name of the Rose are three of my favourite readings too....

2:30 AM  
Blogger Vold said...

I still have the luxury of buying books for less than a buck (american buck, that is) :D

The "Yes Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister" is surely a classic. I am looking for the television series, which is kinda difficult to locate here.....

10:38 PM  
Blogger chanakya said...

mbafabre: surely you're joking stands up well to rereading too. the other two are definitely one time must reads.

vold: amazon and amazon uk both have them but are pricey at $120. buy them and if you end up at tuck with me, i'll borrow them :)) email me sometime if you're headed to tuck.

11:56 AM  

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